Tools To Convert XLS Files To CSV Format Or Vice Versa

When it comes about import and export of tabular data the most common spreadsheet application is Microsoft's Exel. Yet before Excel spreadsheets became a pseudo-standard, it was the CSV file format that was being used to exchange the tabular data.


Facebook iphone 3.2 Loading Problem : Solution Found At Last

Facebook for iPhone 3.2 was launched two days back and this one is having support for Facebook's new places feature, support for background uploading of pictures and videos in iOS 4, along with other visual enhancements such as “Pull-to-Refresh” to iPhone. But many users are facing one common problem i.e "Unable to Load this Page". This error page is displayed on all most every page we open on Facebook and if you ignore this and re-install the application you woundn't be able to login again.


Google To Launch Chrome OS Tablet On November 26

Google is going to rock the Gadget market with its new tablet "Chrome OS Tablet". This ain't rumor, this tablet is built by HTC (HTC made Google's Nexus One)and is connected by Verizon. This tablet will be launched on November 26th, well, that's all kinds of brilliant. It's Black Friday 2010 and the busiest shopping day of the year in the U.S. -- so what better day to have a shiny new tablet in the cabinet at Verizon kiosks and stores all over the country? You can bet Google's Chrome OS tablet will be heavily subsidized, and I'd go so far as to say it will be substantially cheaper than the iPad -- if not totally free -- with a Verizon data contract.


Solution : Error "Audio Not Working" In Windows 7

Windows 7 is good to use but sometimes few unexpected errors freak me out. Recently when i started my computer my speaker stopped working. I was thrilled and i checked the wiring but every thing was fine. Then i opened the troubleshooter but it did't open and the speaker icon in the notification area had a red cross over it. But after searching a bit i found a trick to set my PC right. I have given the instructions below follow them if you are getting the same problem.


Sketchy Social Media Icons - Collections Of 24 Hand Drawn Icons

As a blogger and a web designer icons, vectors and fonts are the most valuable things for me.These not only help me give my site and my creations an extra touch but also shows my creativity to the maximum. Today i came across a very cool icon set named "Sketchy Social Media Icons". This icons set contains hand-drawn icons. This icons set helps you to go back from modern day designing to your roots.

Main Points About Sketchy Social Media Icons

  1. This icon pack is launched by Buildinternet and contains 24 icons.
  2. Every icon is .png format and hence you can easily use it.
  3. Looks just awesome and yummy.


Microsoft's Streetslide Is A Better Alternative Of Google's Streetview

Google's Streetview was launched on May 25, 2007 and it provides panoramic view along many streets in the world. At that time it was launched in cities on USA but now it covers various cities all over the world. But things have changed and so is the technology. Microsoft is going to roll out its new venture Microsoft's Streetslide which seems to be far better than Google's Streetview.

When you see it for the first time, it seems to be somewhat like Google' Streetview but Streetslide got lots of new features like viewing the same street from different locations and even take a view on full street in stretch mode. It also lets you to slide down the street viewing the facades and you can zoom into the original view anytime. A user can also flip the viewpoint to see the other side of the street, or turn corners onto new streets.